Regardless of your intentions for the future – who you surround yourself with is ALWAYS important. Friends are Gods way of replacing relatives you may not necessarily take to. Take myself for example, I am truly appreciative of the people I consider to be friends due to their empowered  characteristics. They play an enormous part in my day to day life; influencing both my attitude and mentality, and I am ever so thankful. I once thought friendship was about quantity, what it’s really about is quality. Clichè but true. Loyalty and honesty, are key, more so than consistency and availability. To know the difference between friends and associates, is to be wise. I was once told “ Forget those who forget you “ – a small piece of advice yet powerful in it’s content.

I decided to write this piece for the new year due witnessing friendship groups constantly repeating the same mistakes. It could be denial or the fact nobody takes the time to learn about others, that’s the MISSING key, acknowledgement. Acknowledge that sometimes what one friend will experience is for your benefit, its for you to learn from his/her situation in order for you to know better. People are valuable sources, filled with knowledge, we have got to start taking notes of all the precious little things. Learn from your friends experiences. Everyone makes mistakes, everyday we try make one less mistake than we did yesterday. So i ask everyone to observe their surroundings. As you finish reading this, I would like you to go and check on your friends because sometimes a small ” How was your day ” or ” How are you ” can make someone`s day.

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I know this isn’t a relationship advice or love blog. So while I’m on this topic just to clear the air on friendships … do not allow your significant other to tell you he/she is good friends or “best-friends” with someone they have experienced an intimate moment with, kissing in particular. That knot can be undone one day, with ease.


To add, yes a male can have an innocent friendship with a female whilst in a relationship – vice versa. This can only happen if there hasn’t been any form of sexual contact or hidden feelings brushed under the carpet. Besides, that friend isn’t really a friend if something has happened in the past, that someone is just waiting for the time your partner gives it up to them and trust me they have all the time in the world to wait.

“ Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

― Muhammad Ali


Text written by Marco Jair Lopez

Feb 11, 2015

England, London


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