Thought Of Failure

I’d like to start by expressing my greatest gratitude and thanking all those who have viewed my blog and supported my writing, the feedback is absolutely amazing.

WOW, Failure! The word FAIL in itself gives you remembrances of all the times you felt hopeless & inadequate. The thought of failure is almost certainly something that haunts us all and is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome particularly when you’re just a teenager. There is an abundant amount of pressure we’ve all had to face in a timely manner, due to others wanting to see you succeed. The thought of failure is something you just can’t handle. Well, I’ve failed countless times, I mean who hasn’t right? Failing isn’t as bad as it may seem, so don’t feel like it’s the end of the world if you don’t accomplish everything you’ve wanted in the timeframe you’ve imagined. Sometimes failure is the commencement of a new chapter for you. One thing we as humans all have in common in life is failure; we have all failed at something at one point or another. Some have experienced this more than others, it is the strength within us that encourages us to pick ourselves up and push past the difficulties we face. This message is for those who are still haunted by failure, who feel disheartened and useless.

There have been many times in my life where I have failed and without a word of doubt it was one of the hardest times of my life. The most difficult challenges I’ve faced were because of my lack of understanding, understanding failure. Trust me when I tell you failure doesn’t mean you are stupid or unworthy, it solely means you weren’t prepared or able to figure things out in the first instance. So, don’t knock yourself down YOU CAN get back up, failure allows you to learn about yourself, it’s a journey towards success. You can’t blame anyone but yourself once you fail, failure teaches you integrity and understanding. Some of us fail more than others because we’re not taking the time to reflect and understand where the problem is, it isn’t that you can’t succeed – the problem is that you haven’t learnt to accept your wrongs.

Three things failure has taught me:

  • Accept the things you cannot change
  • Have courage to change the things you can
  • Have the wisdom to know the difference

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So before you beat yourself up ask yourself if you have reached your full potential. I am positive you can battle failure and succeed in whatever you’re searching for. I’ve failed countless times and it bashed my confidence, self-esteem and pride nevertheless when realisation kicked in everything changed for me as a simple result of me realising i can’t base my life around the thought of this one failure, I mean I will fail in life many times before I succeed, right? There is more to me and there’s more to you too. Some people want to see you fail and you owe them, pay them back with success, stand your ground, keep pushing and strive towards greatness. Slow progress is better than no progress after all. Don’t fear the thought of failing, use it as ammunition, work hard, take risks and do what you have to because in the end it’ll be a great learning curve. You want to be able to look back at life 6-7 years from now and say the old you would be so proud of the person you are today because of how you rose above the infamous fear factor.

“When you take risks you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important.”

― Ellen DeGeneres

Text written by Marco Jair Lopez

Nov 12, 2014

England, London


2 thoughts on “Thought Of Failure

  1. Great posting.

    My mother and father used the following saying, “Nothing comes to a dreamer but a sleeper and nothing comes to a sleeper but a dreamer.” So get up, do something, because failure is part of life.

    I have learned to plan my future, with patience, perseverance and expect anything I plan will not go as I expect, and when they do, just brush my shoulders off and try again or another way.

    Again great posting!


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