Know your WORTH !!!

The reason I speak of knowing your worth is because I believe it’s very important knowing your value. You know it hurts me when I see people who have such great potential within themselves, but they just don’t know their worth. If you ask me why, it’s either someone hasn’t showed them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that they couldn’t see, or it’s because they didn’t realise there’s a left you was suppose to take to where the light is. So sometimes it is someone who shows you your potential. So I ask you to surround yourself with people that not only motivate you to do whatever it is you do, but that literally see something extraordinary in you that you can’t see yourself, and makes you question, why do they see me bigger than I see myself? That’s the type of people you keep around.

There’s no time to give energy to people who bring nothing but bad breath and negativity to your life, because it’s about bettering your mentality and being headstrong in this world. You’ll meet some really dark, twisted people who will run through your weaknesses quicker than you can think. And by the time they’re done with you, you’re filled with nothing but dark emotions and feel worthless. I know that feeling. I know how it feels not knowing when things are going to stop. If you’ve ever felt like you wasn’t enough for somebody or felt like you aren’t good enough to be around certain crowds of people. Felt like all people do is tread over you, well that’s because you don’t know your worth.

I want you to drop them thoughts and emotions of feeling like you wasn’t enough, feeling like you can’t be more, always feeling less of yourself. Turn that negative into a positive because maybe it isn’t you, maybe it’s them. My biggest fear in this world is to feel worthless, not having a real value, feeling like a nobody. I felt like that once and told myself I’d never go back there and that’s why I am where I stand today; because I no longer look at myself like I am the outsider.

You know no one has a clue about what you have been through in your life, so why live it feeling worthless. So this is what you do. You’ve got to rise above your problems that are making you feel low – easier said than done yes. I’ve been through some pretty traumatizing things in my life, but it hasn’t prevented me from feeling content with myself. My main quote in life is, “God doesn’t throw something at you that you can’t handle” and He really doesn’t. All the problems that you go through in life are supposed to make you twice the person you are, not break you. Feel beautiful. Feel loved.  Look in the mirror and love yourself everyday. You are just as great as everybody else; if you’re in need of reassurance, speak to that somebody who truly believes in you and be around them. You should feed off peoples’ energy and absorb that emotion they have for you and let that be the reason why you stand strong.


You will know when you have found your worth. You will see it’s almost impossible to go back to that dark place where it’s lonely. You will care less about things and as time goes by, you will learn things about yourself that you once wouldn’t believe you could do. Once you know your worth, there is no looking back.

“If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.”

Text written by Marco Jair Lopez
October 2, 2014

England, London

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