The power of being yourself, the power of YOU.

Where do i start ? when i say YOU who do you think of straight away ?

No, I am not talking of the person you pretend to be when everyone is watching, I am not talking of all the other people you try act like besides YOU, thats who am talking about here its YOU the person who when you look into your ID it only says your name and nobody elses you know from time to time i think some people ID`s should have all the rest of the names they tend to act like but thats a whole other story, when you look in the mirror that individual there is whose attention i seek because am here to tell you to stop trying to fit in, stop minimizing yourself to be around people who wouldn’t accept the real you, so you gotta hide your inner self and be this individual that people think they know but they dont really really know your just trying to fit in like the rest and be average.

I always say the mirror is the truth you can’t look in the mirror and tell a lie so i always tell people you wanna know the truth about yourself look in that mirror and tell me who you are right now is what your happy with, bring out your inner self forget what people think or care about you because you will find yourself stuck in a maze for a very long time if you care more about other peoples opinions and comments than you care of yourself, so why hide ? why feel like you’re not good enough ? why feel like you’re the one who must adapt, you got to be the leader in your life and be proud of that image in the mirror, you come first by any means necessary, question if thats how you would want your cousins or siblings to live, i always say the truth will set you free. I found myself lost when i was around the age of 15 to 18 until i realised i gotta stop all this trying to be something am not, keeping up with this trend and the latest thing it wasn’t really who i was, i thought it was about fitting in and following people slowly i started to realise that i forgot about myself due to being busy with what people thought about me but i stepped out the box once and saw how deluded i was because half the crowd i was around couldn’t care less about me if something deep was to occur.

So as time went by i grew and matured and started being myself more started leading by example because i would want my friends and relatives to realise being true to yourself is the key and even till now anyone can tell you am myself, i don’t try to be anything but me some will hate that because they couldn’t ever take that risk.  One day when i found that comfort within me and looked in the mirror it told me the truth BE YOURSELF forget about what everyone thinks because this is your life and nobody elses you only get one chance at life so why waste it caring about what people think and trying to fit in, for what i ask ? there’s a reason why when somebody calls YOUR name only you turn to listen not everyone else, before anything integrity comes first and knowing yourself is the greatest goal you can acquire and once you do you will feel the same power i feel when i walk in these streets the power of feeling comfort within, love yourself first and even on your lowest days you will be able to stand.



“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Text written by Marco Jair Lopez
September 30, 2014

England, London

7 thoughts on “The power of being yourself, the power of YOU.

  1. Good points, I agree entirely!
    If you just be yourself you develop a far better circle of friends in tune with who you really are, plus usually become more popular. Folks can spot a “wanna be” miles off but a unique and genuine person is greatly valued professionally, socially, and romantically.

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